Monday, August 24, 2009

Wishing well

A friend of mine wrote a blog post entitled "Be careful what you wish for" and my post today is about that.

We spend most of our lives wishing for this, wishing for that, thinking, "if only I have X I will be happy", forgetting to be happy in the meantime and letting wonderful, beautiful things pass us by.

Sometimes we get a wake-up call - losing someone we love, or something we value; or seeing someone else get what we want and realising that it's not necessarily a piece of cake.

I am trying to be happy in the present - after all, my life is ridiculously good in most regards at the moment, and I am deeply grateful to the Goddess and the God. So I will stop whining about that which I cannot have, and immerse myself to the fullest in what I have right now.

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Leebeesa said...

I am trying to live that way too, it's actually a very tough exercise, for me at least it's easty to envy those around, especially since I am surrounded by beautiful pregnant bellies (that's another story though) good luck, it's a very admirable pursuit. :O)