Friday, August 12, 2016

Time to resurrect Ye Olde Blogge then

I haven't posted on here in 5 years and it's intriguing to see how much I've changed.  My writing, my thinking, the way I come across, are all different (in a good way, mostly).

Anyway, the reason I am back is that I am doing the Write101x course via EDX.  We were asked to do a journal as part of our progress through the course.  The idea is to come back to this later to compare and reflect on our earlier thoughts and writing.

However I completely suck at journalling and while I actually started off enthusiastically enough, I now don't even know where my journal is.  So I am shamelessly copying this guy's idea.

This could be me, but I'm too disorganised.  Sigh
I will be writing down my thoughts if and when I find some time.  For now I'll just briefly mention one of the activities posted on the forum: Do you agree with Dot Wordsworth's comment that 'it’s cruel not to teach grammar to children?'

Hell.  Yes.

If you don't want to forever stunt a child's potential, teach them grammar.  It will help them express themselves better, it will give them more opportunities, and it will save them from being flamed by grammar Nazis on the interwebs.

Anyway that's enough for now.

How can I refuse?