Thursday, August 6, 2009

I have lost my mojo...

...or have at least misplaced it. For a while now I haven't blogged because I couldn't think of anything to blog about. Now I have realised why. I am too happy. My life is going quite smoothly. I have a decent job, family life is good, I have actually been out a couple of times, etc etc. Generally life is very good. So I am not angry enough.

While I am certainly not complaining (I am quite satisfied with my life being this good thank you very much), the rest of the world is pretty much the same as always and there's plenty to be angry about.

So to start off with I have today's WTF moment - I mean who would want their daughters to be armed with knowledge about sex, right? And who actually sits down with their 13yr olds to see what they're watching on TV?? Shocking *rolls eyes*

But even better, read this. Seriously, when is this crap going to stop? How can this madman and his evil camarilla be allowed to continue destroying Zimbabwe? And will our president actually do something for a change??

Only time will tell, but of one thing you can be sure: I am back, and pissed off as ever ;)

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Leebeesa said...

For some reason I have Doors song in my head after reading this about Mr Mojo Rising, hee hee. I am very happy that things are going well for you though, you deserve happiness. I will definately make a plan to come and see you if I go to JHB my Aunts been hinting so I must do my best to get up there :O)